just another Saturday

off to mother’s for 8am. Bobbi stayed at her boyfriend’s home evernight so they could visit a friend who is very poorly. So I have the early shift.

Mother is in a good mood, sleeping a lot but pleasant in between. We had just a few intetesting moments. ‘Help me, help me. Make the bed stop moving.’

We eventually established that it was mom bouncing up and down that was moving, not the bed. ‘All I expect from you’ she said ‘is a little civilisation.’

She really gets hung up on being alone, crying, saying she’s scared as she is on her own. You can’t get her to understand that she’s not on her own, that you are there with her. ‘I just want someone to sit with me and hold my hand.’ This is so difficult to deal with as you are sitting there on her bed holding her hand.

Picked up Bobbi to take her home at 10pm. Went to give Beth a lift as she’d had a long shift but when we arrived she didn’t want a lift after all. She went out after work and arrived home in the early hours. The joy of youth.

what a week…

Being without a car has thrown a huge spanner in the works.  I don’t like being dependent on anyone, and that includes public transport and taxi drivers.  Getting the car fixed is more difficult – and expensive – than I expected.  Phoning daily but progress is desperately slow.

Monday night went to watch Beth’s college gig.  Her group sang three songs which they had to rework from the original to change the style.  Beth, as always, sang well but it wasn’t the best I’ve heard from her group.  Alex and Ross came, as did Ashley, Lewis and Ian.  Wonderful that they are so supportive.

Tuesday night – band practice from six till eight. The Beer Festival is a big gig for us and it’s only a couple of weeks away so we need to get in top form!  Then Mandy and Bobbi came round and we planned our Samhain ritual, and of course, talked about the party,and the fancy dress outfits we are working on.

Wednesday night, I had a big decision to make – morris practice or a meal at Pizza di Piazza.  Usually it would be morris, especially as we are preparing for a big gig.  However, the invitation to the meal was from work to celebrate securing the new contracts.  needed to be seen there, so I went.  It was a pretty good evening considering.

Thursday night we ended up in the recording studio. Brilliant! We’ve not been recorded properly before, only on mobile phones, and let’s face it, the quality isn’t great.  This means that we don’t really know what we sound like.  Recording is an expensive business so Beth approached her college.  They are happy for us to use their studio and for their students to record us.  Absolutely wonderful to hear how we sound.  Well impressed lol  They’ve asked us to go back for more.  Yes please.  We should have the final mix in a couple of weeks.

Walked through the door as we returned from studios to find Brian with his jacket on, ready to go out.  Carmel, who cares for mother, needed to go.  Her son had been in a car accident.  We went round to sit with mother till night care arrived.

Finally time for myself to relax – Friday off work – though actually it’s more like catching up on the things I haven’t had time to do all week.  Like this blog. The tumbleweeds of dog hair drifting round the living room with every opening of the door.  The nest of miscellaneous debris on the armchair.  Better get cracking.

what a way to start the week

so, day four without the car. the poor baby broke down on Thursday night, deliberately selecting part way round an island as the mosy inconvenient place to stop, perhaps forever.

Four of us girls, fresh from pamper night with newly painted nails and gleaming skin, pushed her off the island. She still isnt working and the diagnosis sounds dire.

So this morning I dropped Brian off at dialysis at 7am, went home to smarten up for training course. Arrived home tp discover Alex and Chris taking old mattresses to tip. How they put three mattresses in that little car, I don’t know.

So I left to sit with mother for the evening, leaving the others to go to Beth’s college gig, feeling somewhat guilty at missing it. And surprise, Carmel was there, feeling recovered enough from her accident to resume her much appreciated duties.

Off to the gig then. And here I am withva pint of lager, listening took music of great ly varying quality. Till Beth comes on – when it will be great. …

this day started in a whirl

I woke peacefully, dreamily, till I glanced at the clock. 8.13 am. Panic set in.

I should have been at mother’s for 8 so the night carer could go home. I can’t remember when I last dressed so carelessly. Throwing my toothbrush into my bag, I reached for my car keys, then remembered my car was still at the garage while they diagnose the cause of its breakdown. Brian came to the rescue, driving me to mom’s. The carer was really good about our tardiness.

However my body objected greatly to being forced into activity that quickly. Several cups of tea later, I’m still not properly functioning and Brian is asleep on the floor.

Fortunately mom is sleeping, giving me chance to surface.